About us - Mixd Up Foods

Learn about the people that make the best burgers in Atlanta, maybe the world.

Our Story

WHO ARE WE? We are a rockin’ burger truck, Imagine Hard Rock Café on wheels, add in a couple of “Mix’D UP folks” blended finely with the best quality ingredients (purchased locally as well as renewable and friendly sources), generously sprinkle with love, and you get the best burger and fries known to the human race!

Here is the skinny……. Mix’D UP, powered by Cuzine Chefs, is a rockin’ roll inspired food truck serving gourmet burgers blended with all kinds of cool things from around the world all here in Atlanta. Owner Chef Brett takes his passion for music and global cuisine together and hucks it all in the best burgers in the world. Believe this, Chef Brett has created a unique dining experience that will have you coming back for more saying, “that is the best burger experience I’ve ever had!”


Our Great Crew


Relly Rell – Terrell

The reverend! The hardest worker known to man! (guess you learn in the big house HA! Our very own house!) Relly has been rockin’ killer food with us since ’05 from catering to making it work, he’s gotcha! Oh, not only can he make us laugh he still can get it done , just don’t ask about current events, cause he reads the imaginary tribune!


J-Money – Jessie

Puts up with the everyday business side (dealing with me ☺ with a full time job! Helps the food truck, restaurant and catering run with standards! Yep! She’s the decorator, and works the window, expo and maybe one day grill! (naw) What she says pretty much goes.


YaYa – Yontia

Head grill, keeping things cool, motivator, and sure the hell won’t let things slide (trust me), setting standards. (she ain’t tryin’ to flex pimp) From Michigan, Ya, has food service under her belt and then BAM! YA started Mix’d up in 2012, Quickly moving to head grill she has perfected what you enjoy today!!! From training to “living on the food truck” she still says Lets Get it “I’m Tryin’ to Tell Ya!“

Meet the Owner

Owner, operator, friend , brother from another mother! “California Kid” came to Atlanta with a dollar & a dream (all real we mean A dollar!..lol!)

Probably the coolest person you can find on this side of the globe. Now try, working with Bret Micheals mix’d in with Gordon Ramsey (hell’s kitchen) with a splash of John Candy. ”B” is funny , loving but don’t let that fool you he’s about business (gotta get my paper straight)